Thursday, January 31, 2013

Submit Your Paper to the SBL International Meeting in St Andrews (Last Chance)

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The SBL International Meeting in St. Andrews Scotland  July 7-11 is rapidly approaching. The program unit Working with Biblical Manuscripts has received a number of proposals and we know we will have almost a dozen papers on various very interesting topics such as Papyrus 4, OT citations in Bezae, Amulets with NT citations, miniature MSS, Coptic and Arabic MSS and discussion about text-critical problems in the Hebrew Bible as well as the Greek NT.

Unfortunately, we had no specific call for papers this year, but I cite the general scope of our unit, which can be seen as the call for papers too:

The unit seeks to foster the study and criticism of biblical and related texts — including examination of manuscripts and other sources, restoration of the text, and especially the investigation of the history of its transmission—in its Late Antique cultural context.

The call for papers closes tomorrow (1 February), so hurry up and go to the SBL website, log in and submit your paper for our unit here.

I strongly expect at least one British(-Australian) scholar – no names – to submit just before tomorrow midnight!

Update: SBL has extended the deadline for paper submissions until 11 February.  


  1. my prophetic instinct tells me that the Australian-British scholar might not submit for iSBL.

  2. Except in some rather loose sense.

  3. It certainly doesn't go to the heart of my sense of self-identity.

  4. I do quite like the idea of staying in Blackadder Hall.

  5. And the deadline for paper submissions has been extended until Feb 11th according to an email from SBL. So I have ten more days to imagine some topics.

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  7. Astonishing that you're even thinking of going, considering you once told me that you MIGHT come to iSBL if it were in Cambridge! :)